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Sort Out Your Style This Winter

Fashion is one of those things we all enjoy playing around with, but at times it can be hard to nail down.

Image: Victoria Borodinova

If you are looking for a new hobby during lockdown this winter as well as a way to improve your self-esteem; playing around with fashion is a great idea. 

Fashion is a great way to express ourselves and today we want to show you how you can do this through organising, finding your style, and trying on new outfits. 

Change up your style this year and improve it with these steps.

Clear out your wardrobe 

The first step to take before you start going trigger happy on your online shopping apps is to clear out your wardrobe. We all have more in our closets than we realise, and once you start sitting through everything you’ll find a few hidden gems that you can wear. Make sure to look through every part of your wardrobe and make yourself 3 piles: 

  • Keep
  • Maybe 
  • Throw 

One of the best ways to organise your clothing is to start with a maybe and a no pile because you can then go through this once you have decided what to keep. It will be helpful because if you have already kept a few white T-shirts for example, that extra one in the maybe pile might be able to go in the no pile. Make sure you are a little ruthless with this process and clear some space for future purchases. It’s fun being able to buy new clothes and once you start caring about fashion you will want the opportunity to add pieces into your collection. Once you have decided what will go, you can decide to either sell these prices online or give them to a charity shop where people can make use of them. 


Take stock of your clothes 

Now that the hard part is done it is important for you to sit down and take a look at the clothes you DO have. There are so many pieces you’ll have forgotten about over the years and now is the time to go through them once and for all and get organised. You can categorise your clothing in many ways such as by season, type, or colour. You can even consider using an app such as Stylebook to take photos of the clothes you own and make your own outfits from this to use. There are lots of simple ways to organise the clothes you have, and once you know what you have got to work with the process of styling an outfit will become much easier.

Use Pinterest for inspiration 

Now is the ideal time to take a look at Pinterest and start saving all of those outfits you love so much. One easy way to categorise these is with seasons: so Spring outfits, summer outfits, fall outfits and winter outfits. You can take this a step further with casual and work outfits and any other categories you think you’ll want. Once you have saved some outfits you like; you can try a different approach in order to get a selection of outfits for items you own. 

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For example, if you have a red skirt you can search ‘ted skirt outfit’ and you’ll soon have a ton of fun outfits to choose from. For those of you who struggle to put outfits together, this is a useful tool and it will start making you think of the possibilities you can make out of one piece of clothing. You’ll soon realise that you don’t need a whole pile of clothes to be fashionable, you can simply swap and change in a smart way with the items you have and you can be incredibly fashionable without cluttering your home.

Try different styles 

Once you have got a good eye on your own wardrobe it is a good time for you to take a look online at different types of style. Style comes and goes and at the moment baggy jeans, cute hairstyles, and cosy ale colours are all the range. Take a look at some different types of style such as grunge, the 90s, sexy, sporty… and try some of them for yourself. You won’t get to know your own style if you don’t dip your toe in and try new things. It is important to play around with different clothing because it will give you the opportunity to find a style that suits you, and this will elevate your looks. You’ll get more compliments by wearing something that suits you and your personality.

Consider finding out your body type 

One of the helpful ways to get to grips with your own style is to find out your body type and use this to style your wardrobe. There are a few main body types and they all lend themselves to different types of clothing. For example, the classic hourglass lends itself to wrap dresses and bodycon styles to show off curves, and an athletic build lends itself to things such as boho lace and peplum where breasts don’t hinder the design of an outfit. Take your measurements and find out where you fit on the size scale and then you can start looking for clothes that will suit you and your body. This is one of the best ways to find your style because you will use your natural figure and find items that compliment it and that help to show it off in the right way.

Invest in gold rings 

Gold rings will become your new best friends when you are trying to invest in your style this year. Gold rings are versatile and will go with basically any outfit, and they can take something drab and dull and transform it into something more impressive. Gold rings can be bought online super cheap and add a stress-free accessory to your outfits within seconds.

Colour coordinate your makeup

Image: courtesy Pinterest

Makeup is a huge part of fashion, and when trying to improve your style it is a good idea to coordinate your makeup with your outfits. If you have a simple eye look you wear every day, it can be hard to break out of that safety to try something new; but when you decide to use the same colours as your outfit you will instantly see an improvement in your look. Makeup brings everything together and you can consider getting an eyeshadow palette with lots of colours to play around with each day. You’ll soon find fun creating new looks and following tutorials online.

Use shoes as an accessory 

Shoes are a huge accessory and one you should make the most of at home this year. Choosing the right shoes to go with an outfit can make or break and it has a bigger impact than you may think. When choosing your outfit try to take as much time choosing the right shoes and it will elevate the whole look and give you something amazing to work with.

Use layers 

Layering in the colder months is the best way for you to style yourself and make yourself look amazing. Layering from top to cardigan to jacket is a great way to bring some extra colour, pattern, and texture to a look and make it all come together into an effortless style. Consider looking online for examples of good layering and consider doing this yourself this year to elevate your style.

Stick to a colour scheme 

When trying to be more fashionable the first rule is to choose a colour scheme and stick to it. Just like you would choose a colour palette for the rooms of your house, you need to do the same to your outfit. If one element of your outfit is the wrong colour it will show and the whole thing will look odd. Choose a colour scheme to fit with the season and stick to this when picking out your accessories and jewellery.

Go monochrome

One simple way to avoid the dilemma of colour as well as look stunning all year long is a monochrome look. Black and white are classic colours that will never go out of style, and it is so important for you to have a few black and white staple items in your closet. Use these to create a stunning look that will never go out of fashion.

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Use hair as your accessory

Hair is a huge accessory and you can use it to convey a certain look or style. You can put your hair up in a bun for work, in a pony for sporty looks, or have it down in soft waves for those more glam occasions. Enjoy playing around more with your hair and if you enjoy changing the colour you can also have some fun changing your colour throughout the year to fit the season and your style. Hair is a great accessory and one you should take advantage of. 

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