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The Afro dandy social club is a sartorial society formed by a collective of 4 Afrodandies based in the Western Cape | Article by Misa Narrates @MisaNarrates

The aim of the Afro Dandy social club is to create a platform for fashion enthusiasts and creatives in the Western Cape to network. They hope to create a top-tier network platform where information about industry can be shared and collaborative partnerships for future projects can be formed. They are looking forward to attracting sartorial enthusiasts of all calibers; the vintage sartorialist, the modern day corporate wear sartorialist, the Afrocentric sartorialist etc. and creatives of all sorts; photographers, videographers and writers.


Photo by Vonani

Being in a Dandy space almost feels like the after mass, tea and cakes period at church. What made it more appealing than tea and cake after church was the network. The four young men banded together to form the club as a way to connect the Afrodandies in the area to the different networks around Cape Town. With some of them touting titles like businessman, model, photographer, writer, creative director, and more, the Afrodandy Social Club is laden with potential and a powerful creative and business network.


photo by Vonani

The club is encouraged to be a space to connect Afrodandies of different backgrounds to each other as a way to stimulate prosperity and growth amongst each other. A formidable aspect of the club is its commitment to not being a ‘boys club’. While the four founders admit that they have not seen any formalized writings to guide them on how women are represented in dandyism over time, they encourage women who identify as dandies to join the club.


Photo by Vonani

The meetings of the social club will be held once a month on the first Sunday of every month.

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