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The Art of Fashion. Q & A with Tsotetsi, remarkable South African fashion designer

TSOTETSI KL is the distinct product of extensive experience in the fashion industry by delivering high quality garments, moreover exploring fabric, colour, silhouette and texture.


 What is your philosophy about the ART of fashion?

The art of fashion is generally inspired by different daily emotions, experiences and challenges. Colour inspired by art plays a vast role in fashion itself, selling an emotion through art in the relation of the individual and the ensemble.

Does your work reflect your fashion taste? Can you describe your style?

My garments and collections are varied reflections of both my personal inspirations and fashion taste yet guided by the company aesthetic. All garments created are pieces fitting perfectly together towards the brands’ development and the ultimate goals envisioned for it.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

I enjoy the whole process from first visualizing the ideas through to the whole process involving the production process until the final product is revealed on the runway. Currently in time, it’s the smile on my client’s face that motivate me the most.

What was your inspiration for this season of MBFWJ?

The TKL A/W 2016 Collection inspiration was drawn from the origins of FALKE’s aesthetic. Celebrating the luxury of exaggerated space, through light, shade and simplicity which will result in silently creating awareness. This notable collection is also inspired by the time and attention invested in the creation of every individual hosiery and sock produced by FALKE with so much attention to detail. Every single piece oozes comfort. FALKE as a distinctive entity, managed to let these factors give a sense of confidence in their silent way and the definite softness, chic and sophistication of line and detail which creates a direct sense of quality, luxury and put focus on their natural origins.

  1. What was the most challenging part about designing for MBFWJ?

Managing a tight scheduled production line all the while ensuring there is proper funding at the right time. Understanding exactly what the client needs at this point and working tightly to ensure that this season is better than the previous one.

How did you select the fabrics you used?

My choice of fabric is the direct reflection from my inspiration, the look, feel and texture giving off this space of luxury. The reflection of FALKE’s quality and approach to silent loudness was the direction.

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

I monitor trends and seasonal fashion weeks, social media and visuals, as well as what people wear daily.

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What are your plans for the future?

I would like to venture into TKL Bride, the recently launched bridal label, even more. I would also like to grow TKL into more directions and to supply garments across South Africa, all the while expanding our studio capacity, number of employees and client base. TKL is growing rapidly, and different difficulties and opportunities arise daily, hence things could change any day, time will tell.


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