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The Course at SLOW in the City is open to the public

A new dining option at SLOW in the City is now open to both the public and members of SLOW, The Course is an accomplished dining and bar concept and an ever-evolving overture to the nature of change, much akin to the narrative of the very city it is located in.

The Course is an invitation to be inspired and surprised through its selection of dishes and cocktails. Focusing on the central idea that ‘Taste Changes Everything’, chefs and mixologists at The Course have created a menu to mirror the diverse environment it finds itself in. Local ingredients are highlighted alongside global flavour trends from the very first bite.

Located diagonally opposite the Sandton Gautrain Station on the corner of West and Rivonia Road, Sandton, The Course will respond to its environment, reinventing itself through progressive seasonal offerings in food and beverage. Each dining experience at The Course will be a transformation from the prior, driven by the seasonal liquor of choice, the selection of speciality alcohol brands, a responsive tasting menu, and adaptable lighting design.

During the day, The Course will offer respite from the bustle of Sandton. In the evening, The Course will offer a social gathering point for fine cocktails and tapas.

Diners at The Course will not only have the choice of tapas-style plates, but can indulge in a full sit-down menu spanning a selection of prime beef cuts, seafood and bistro-style dishes. This menu will change bi-annually to suit available seasonal produce. An inspired breakfast menu will be available from 7am on weekdays.

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While dining at The Course will certainly be a talking point, the bar selection will further demonstrate the playful nature of change through three elements:

* The Quarterly Reserve will consist of quarterly liquor features, stocking one style of alcohol for a limited time period. The brands on offer will be sourced with premium quality, variety and rarity in mind. Tapas-style plates will offer an exceptional and individual pairing experience alongside the Quarterly Reserve

* The Collaboration Collection, a series of signature cocktails that are bottled, labelled and signed as the SLOW Collaboration Collection, will be presented in exquisite crystal bottles accompanied by the finishing elements every great cocktail needs

* The Standard Selection at The Course will mean a guest is never restricted, and may at any time order their “usual” from the standard drinks menu.

Upon launch, The Course partnered with premium whisky label Glenfiddich for the initial instalment of the Quarterly Reserve. This partnership will highlight the Glenfiddich range of single malt whiskies and use each in an inventive cocktail selection available for the quarterly period.

Evert de Jong, an accomplished Mixologist with Molecular Bars, has refined the cocktail menu for The Course. De Jong explains: “At The Course, we have worked with the resident chefs to prepare house-made ingredients that are fresh and full of flavour. This has allowed us to create a truly signature menu, one that offers an invigorating look at classic cocktails, but also offers one-of-a-kind cocktails that are completely unique to the restaurant.”

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Concept development for The Course at SLOW in the City was undertaken by UNKNOWN Design Agency, who assisted in developing the brand language and collateral elements for The Course at SLOW in the City. The design language is in line with that of SLOW in the City, but incorporates the central idea of change within the city context, as well as the guest promise to surprise and inspire.

Guiding the interior design of the space, TONIC ensured a consistent flow from the original concept of neighbours and how that translated into SLOW in the City, to the ever-changing nature of a city, and how to interpret that design concept into a reality at The Course. The Course mirrors some of the original finishes and design ideas but is explored in new ways, creating a space that is friendly and sophisticated in the way that the best French Brasseries are.

The Course at SLOW in the City will be open daily, from 7am to 9pm on weekdays, and available for private events over weekends. For reservations, contact +27 (0)87 057 7482, or visit



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