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The importance of coffee in craft, cuisine and culture 

Coffee, from its creation to its consumption, is a craft.

The ritualist process of crafting the perfect blend – the care, the commitment, the community around it – is reflected in the experiential value of making and enjoying that perfect cup of coffee. This ritualistic routine is entrenched in our culture – whether enjoying a cup after a long day or pairing it with your favourite cuisine, the moments that coffee makes better are boundless.


The taste sensations of coffee brought to our cups are mastered by craftsmen, and encapsulated by Nespresso’s new Master Origin collection. This finely crafted range coffees include five distinct coffee sensations all inspired by the land from which they originate.

Each of the Master Origin coffees has been on a unique journey of discovery. The Nespresso coffee experts scoured the world to discover the finest coffee sourcing regions, from the forested mountains of Sumatra through to the highland vales of Nicaragua. Within each selected region, Nespresso formed a partnership with the local farming experts and embarked on a mission to test innovative and demanding farming practices, all with the goal of crafting incredible new coffee aromas and tastes.

In Ethiopia, the coffee beans had a meticulous raking every hour by hand to ensure even drying throughout the batches. In Colombia, the typical harvest time was pushed to the limit – each coffee cherry was left on the tree, risking fermentation, until it was exactly the right shade of deep purple to be picked. Over in Sumatra, Indonesia, farmers used a traditional and uniquely local wet-hulling method, whilst in Nicaragua, a sweet approach was taken, using the ‘black honey’ method which involves leaving the coffee bean in its natural fruit layer whilst it is drying to allow it to soak up the natural sugars. The coffee sourced in India experienced an age-old ‘monsoon’ technique that was once a natural occurrence when coffee, historically transported via boat, took on a high level of moisture from the ocean, making the beans swell and reveal a unique new flavour. This process was applied to Master Origin India, where Robusta beans were ‘monsooned’.

Karsten Ranitzsch, the Head of Coffee at Nespresso, explains: “Processing techniques play a hugely important role in the final coffee profile and with the new Master Origin coffees we wanted to expand on this idea further and see how we could use a mix of traditional, new and adapted methods to produce five distinct and original coffees. Together with the local farmers, we took risks and challenged ourselves to achieve these tastes, and this was only made possible thanks to the mutual trust and supportive relationships with the local coffee farmers, established through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. 

Through this program, we worked closely with knowledgeable and passionate farmers at each origin’s location to master the craft of these origin coffees.”

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