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The Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Show from Paris Fashion Week


We are in the very heart of Paris, in the fondations of the Royal Palace which remain part of the world’s busiest museum. In this location where history is palpable, Louis Vuitton has found its own special significance: travel between the past and the present forever joining together as one. The Spring-Summer 2018 collection is all about anachronisms, a dialogue of wardrobes

Louis Vuitton RTW Spring 2018

transcending Time.

Might it be possible to awaken the clothes of long-gone eras and infuse them with the spirit of today? During a visit to the Met Museum in New York, Nicolas Ghesquière was inspired by the notion of a perennial style while looking at eighteenth-century French aristocratic garments.

Thus the refinement of ceremonial dress—the abundant brocade, fine embroidery, and exceeding delicacy of period clothing blends with the dynamic yet casual modernity of clothes today. An elaborate tail coat can drape harmoniously over tapered trousers, and a melancholic dress can flow beautifully down to sneakers from another world.

In this delicate style the House skips across time and dovetails the ages. Original soundtrack by Woodkid.

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