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A stroke of freshness on Mzansi Fashion scene, Rich Mnisi

A certified African-based creative genius and Fashion Designer | Article by Kay Khanye (@Kay_khanye)

A stroke of freshness on our local fashion scene Rich Mnisi is a certified African-based creative genius and Fashion Designer, tall, modelesque with an attitude of a rock star, and his creations give you exactly that; enigmatic yet bold, timeless, and contemporary. We have all known Rich as a designer whose designs touch on the blurry boundaries of gender, truth, and beauty.

Rich’s winter collection truly became a much-needed distraction from the woes of the Covid19 pandemic to a fashion attraction that has Africa seeking ownership of a Rich Mnisi piece. The secret is perhaps making clothes that not only elevate people’s social status but clothes that make one feel great about themselves; it’s that great feeling of knowing you are part of a much bigger brand. It’s been said his clothes are about igniting and empowering as what designer clothes are intended for. Rich definitely makes it to the Top 5 Local favorite South African designers list. 

Rich Mnisi – The Swarovski Crystals Cherry Leopard

The brand Rich Mnisi is synonymous with wealth, luxury, and or the association with 2 million. The association started on social media where everything takes momentum like a well-written ballad, in this case, the verse was “2 million”. This happened when Africa’s most influential celebrity, Bonang Matheba, posted a humorous video on Instagram lamenting over how she has to break her bank every time she needs a new Rich Mnisi custom piece. The video caught wind became a meme sensation, and still makes rounds all over the internet. But little did Rich know that his name and brand would soon be what everyone wants and could get but at a price, 2 million to be precise.

Fashion and tragedy make the best poetry, we all liked everything about Rich Mnisi’s latest collection as soon as the news broke out. Remember how the nation was divided over the Swarovski crystal-encrusted mask on social media? There was an uproar on Twitter that reached a calm only after a few reads and schooling of the not so impressed about design processes and value of the precious stones. That was a moment on its own, it was an entire fashion conversation that went as far as tax brackets; some concerns were raised and some ‘target-market’ points were proved. 

The Rich Mnisi Brand is spotting some strong legs as far as longevity is concerned, everyone wants a Rich Mnisi signature turtle neck. The brand continues to produce fresh stunning offerings like its collaboration with Karabo Poppy, introducing more everyday ready-to-wear pieces that can be incorporated with anything you already have. With trendy sunhats and crossbody bags, you get to take a piece of luxury everywhere with you. If you think about it, the pieces are almost little tokens of access to this ‘luxury club’ that is Rich Mnisi as a brand, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be part of the hottest current fashion trends?

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