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Tommy Hilfiger Stores Open for Trade in SA

Tommy Hilfiger’s stores in South Africa have opened and are trading during lockdown level 3.

In order to provide a better understanding of these guidelines, we had a chat with the National Visual Merchandiser, Daniella de Gouveia and Sandton City’s Store Manager, Itayi Mutogo about the customer’s  experience while shopping in the stores, nationwide.

Q: What precautions has each Tommy Hilfiger store taken to ensure the safety of their customers?

Daniella: All stores have a sanitize station at the entrance and a reminder to ‘wear a mask’ is on the door. We have noticeable floor stickers throughout the store that remind customers and staff to keep a 1.5m distance, there are also general safety practice signs found in each section of the store. At the cash desk area, we have set up a 1.5m waiting line and sanitize station before and after the transaction. We also have operating fitting rooms with clear signs of one person per fitting room.

Q: What does Tommy Hilfiger’s icon displaying the word “Together” mean from a visual merchandising and holistic brand perspective?

Daniella: In reopening our Tommy Hilfiger stores across not only South Africa, but the entire globe. Our campaign message  is about togetherness, feeling united as a brand with our customers during  this pandemic. “TOGETHER WE CARE” and “IN IT TOGETHER” are messages in this campaign that show we are with you, and our country. We are not better, we are one, and together we can consciously be precautious and maintain safety practices to help flatten the curve.

Q: What are your favorite items that you feel are Tommy Hilfiger wardrobe statements? 

Daniella: Definitely a great TH hoodie or sweater – we all about being  fashionably comfortable right now, and that’s okay! Our range of hoodies and sweaters are great statement pieces for your wardrobe and can be styled under a leather jacket or my favourite, a grey or tan coat, paired with denims and iconic Tommy sneakers. This unisex look is effortless and to complete it, incorporate a statement bag… like a back pack or a cross-over camera bag.

Q: Comment on the customer’s experience:  What has been done to ensure that consumers shop comfortably and how are employees interacting with customers?

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Itayi: Upon entering, customers are greeted by staff or security member sand are offered hand sanitizer at the sanitize station. For any customers who carry shopping bags and want to browse hands free can request to have their bags taken by one of our sales associates and kept safely at the cash desk area while they shop, we know its already tough breathing with your mask, and we just want to make the customer more comfortable at Tommy Hilfiger. Also before and after purchasing their new Tommy goods, customers can and should use the sanitizer provided at the cash desk.

Q: What additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can the stores provide their customers in addition to the sanitizers available at two stations? 

Itayi: In the unlikely event that a customer has forgotten their mask the store can offer a disposable mask. We also provide peace of mind as we disinfect surfaces and wipe down counters regularly, including the card machines that customers touch when they input their pins for card payments.

Q: What has changed in terms of Tommy Hilfiger store employee identification? 

Itayi: All staff members in our stores are equipped with branded, fabric, 3 layer masks for ease of identification.

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