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Cape Town - 170128 - The best dress prize was won my couple 12, Blogger Abongwe Qokela and model (girl) Anesu Chogugudza. Celebs and media stard attended the Sun MET, held at Kenilworth racecourse. Photographer: Armand Hough

TOP 5 Sun Met Winning Menswear Fashion Looks!

The annual MET is a social event that boasts glamour and flair in all its maximum and every year trend setters, bloggers and fashionistas alike flock to the Kenilworth Racecourse in all their competitive spirits to show off their finest and chicest threads in hopes of making it to the Hottest and best dressed lists in the media.

With its new partnership with Sun international and GH MUMM this year was as glamorous as can be.

We take a look at the Top 5 best looks and the debonairs behind their head turning executions.

1. Whatmyboyfriendwore


Classic pinstripes against a crisp white shirt, with a touch of reminiscent paisley print brought to life the iconic dapper gentleman.

The burgundy suit brings in an element of old money luxury that’s been flawless throughout decades.The softness of the lamb skin shoes softened the look and made it ready to have a fabulous time.

2. Maps Maponyane

Maps Maponyane Sun Met

Maps’s look is mature and masculine yet charming and very well put together, the cream blazer blends the whole look deliciously together with a hint of sartorial charm.

Maps wears his threads well and the retro post boy inspired hat work harmoniously with ensemble.


Modern Disco glam was represented elegantly with this sleek sweet number. The print plays on texture without being too heavy and layered, while the soft lavender brings in a romantic moods thats charming and sexy.

4. Anesu chogugudza


This is a clean, crisp, cheerful look thats very well put together, complementary shades of blue bring in a polished yacht lifestyle feel to the outfit while the retro frame sunglasses round up the whole ensemble with a big bow that screams Gentleman.

5. Zubair-cpt

True Italian style and flair shone through with this polished take on a sea side classic,The all white shirt and pant paired with the black blazer gave this look a smooth edge that transcends through decades of fashion and glamour.

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