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Brutal Fruit veteran weighs in on past years and career highlights

“I could not be happier! I appreciate the love & support. I have LOVED every moment I have spent with the Brutal Fruit family.” – Tshepi Vundla

From a feature in Ginkgowood to a cover for Cranberry Rosé. How do you feel about being one of the veteran Brutal Fruit girls?

I could not be happier! I appreciate the love & support. I have LOVED every moment I have spent with the Brutal Fruit family. It has been a pleasure watching the brand grow and also seeing how I have grown in the past years.

You just took on an exciting role as a model and stylist for a prominent retailer. What’s been the most interesting part of your career thus far and what do you still hope to achieve?

Yes! It’s my 3rd year with them & I still cannot get over the feeling especially since I grew up wearing the brand. The most interesting part is HUGE brands wanting to work with me when my career started out as a hobby & everyone wanted to know what I was wearing when I was out & about. Now I have opportunities presented to me that have shown me what being Tshepi can do to change my life.

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As the Style Advisor on this exciting campaign, who are the top 3 celebrities you’d like to advise and why?

I would LOVE to assist Gigi Lamayne, Fifi Cooper & Babes Wodumo. They are all centre stage women that are killing the music scene and I’d love to do some much more with their looks.

What style risks are you willing to take and how do you get away with them?

 Freeing the nipple” is my favourite. I have small breasts that help me get away with a lot. So I’m always in bodysuits & bralets. I’m enjoying my body right now before it’s too late – something my mother has always taught me.

How has your sense of style evolved in the past years and does it play a role in how you style others?

I’ve definitely learned my body as I’ve gotten older. I’m trying to add more color to my wardrobe which has been a challenge as I’m a black and white clothing kind of girl. I’ve also been raiding the cellar hunting for my mother’s old clothes & I’m enjoying adding a little vintage to my style.

My pre-party must-haves are… 

The girls… good music… best wardrobe

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