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Will either one of the rapper’s careers ‘bite the dust’ or ‘gain composure’?

South Africa has been witnessing the country’s longest and most ferocious hip-hop feud, which soared to histrionic heights last week, when both AKA and Cassper Nyovest released beef tracks, ‘Composure,’ and ‘Dust to Dust’.


Refiloe Maele Phoolo, also known as Cassper Nyovest, he is a South African recording artist and record producer. His debut album Tsholofelo was released on 18 July 2014.

The two African Hip-Hop giants have been upping the ante for the past year, keeping their fans enthralled. The beef, according to AKA in an interview with Channel24, finds its genesis in the landing of Cassper’s 2014 hit, Gusheshe. Since then lines have been crossed, women have been involved, the ponytail was not recognised as the holy grail, the authenticity of jewellery was questioned and even rent made it into the rhyme schemes.

Hip-hop culture is laced with strong, aggressive masculine pride and most hip-hop enthusiasts would argue that beefing is a fundamental part of the genre.

Hip-hop history is testament to how some MCs have constructed entire careers on bad blood with other artists, while others have had their careers obliterated by a few lines.

Dissing other rappers in the hip-hop fraternity directs a lot of attention to the rapper slaying his counterparts, gaining him power and removing him from the circle of indifference. It is every MC’s dream to have tongues wagging about that scathingly cutthroat verse he penned and to see album sales skyrocket.

Are both Cassper and AKA striving to find distinctive and innovative ways of assassinating each other?

Are they both staking their claim as the top dogs of this generation?

Or, are they telling the rest of the SA hip-hop industry to step up their game in this no-holds-barred diss-banquet?

One wonders if this dispute will gain either of the two more popularity. Furthermore, will this spat destroy the credibility of either rapper?

Or are we going to witness one rapper, ultimately, conquering the SA hip-hop fan base and the work opportunities of the other?


Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known by his stage name AKA, is a South African hip hop recording artist originally from Cape Town.

These two cats have been perfecting and personifying the diss track formula, incorporating all of the ingredients and roasting schemes used by Tupac and B.I.G to become victorious against each other.
Social media escalated this feud to a whole new level of pop culture resonance, with fans piling on when it is clear a rapper is in over his head. The bombardment of hashtags and memes only exacerbated the beatings sustained. And we all know that losing in an era where a track can be dissected like a frog in a laboratory, within hours of release, could mean that fans can bury you worse than an arch nemesis can.

This highly publicised and sensationalised battle could have been ginned up for marketing their music or to boost the careers of both rappers involved. And that would be if and when Cassper and AKA take a cutlet out of Jay-Z and Nas’ beef by genuinely deciding to call it truce.

Will either of the rapper’s careers ‘bite the dust’ or ‘gain composure’ due to this bitter beef, despite the significance of the individuals involved?

It all remains to be seen as either artist channels their coup de grace in this epic battle.

Article: Thabiso ‘Biso’ Lebitsa

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